“Why Yeshua Had To Die” – Index

Why Yeshua Had To Die: A Hebraic Perspective

by Pauline Ecclles (wiki Commons)

by Pauline Ecclles (wiki Commons)

 One-Page Digest

Introductory summary of the book,
and the reason why Yeshua was called Jesus
for 2,000 years.


Part 1: Deity of Yeshua
Discusses and confirms Deity of Yeshua
and His Oneness with YHVH our Father.


Part 2: The Lost Sheep of Israel – Identity
Who are the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel?
Going back to the time of division of the kingdom,
studies the Scripture for the identity
of the Los Sheep of  the House of Israel.


Part 3: The Lost Sheep of Israel – The Gospel
Our Messiah came just for us!
Presents evidence for the only reason
for His coming,
the Lost Sheep of Israel.


Part 4: Messiah’s Marriage and Divorce
Confirms the evidence for the marriage contract,
the Covenant,
and the very reason Yeshua had to die
for His renewed Bride.


Part 5: One New Man
We are being “restored” and “reunited”
to be one Olive Tree again.
But, not as the Jews and Gentiles,
but as Judah and Israel.


Part 6: Preparation of the Bride
So, what are we supposed to do now as the Bride of the Messiah,
while we wait for His Second Coming?

Chapter 1.: Yeshua is Not a Jew
“Do not be deceived” says our Lord
three times in the Olivet Discourse.

§ 1.: Defining the Terms
Who are the Jews, what is the Messianic Movement,
what is the Zionism, and what is the Hebraic Movement?
Presents the definitions and defines the deceptions,
including the deceptions of the Mystery Babylon.

§ 2.: Deception of Messianic Movement
How are we deceived now and every day?
And, what are we to do with the truth?
And, clearly proves that Yeshua is not a Jew.

Chapter 2.: Deception of Christianity
~ Coming Soon ~

Chapter 3.: True Hebraic Roots Awakening
~ Coming Soon ~

Part 7: The New Bride of the Messiah
~ Coming Soon ~

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    I came across your website while I was researching Jim Staley, which was a result of an email from WND. I am finding your article on Jim very interesting. This is, of course, leading me in to other areas of your website.

    My question is, can I download your books, etc, in epub format? I do most of my reading on an ebook reader, hence the question.

    Also, if you have a regular mailing I would be interested in receiving it. Thanks.

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