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  1. Sam
    Sam November 13, 2013 at 7:15 am |

    Thank you Olivia,

    Look, I know you are a passionate Christian, so I’m not here to debate Christianity, Jesus or Messianic Jews – who are apostates walking on dangerous ground IMO – so I won’t defend them.

    My beef is what you are espousing in regards to who real Jews are and your misconceptions about Judaism, and in particular the Talmud. I will agree with you that Jesus did not practice Judaism and actually rebelled against the leaders as evidenced by his own words.

    The Torah does not give instructions on every type of situation that would arise. That’s why they were to to choose wise leaders to judge between things that are unclear or too hard to decide – Deut 1:9-18, 16:18, 17:8-11. Most Christians are unaware that the Talmud is composed of 90% halachic decisions on how to apply the written law and only 10% commentary on the written law. It is usually the commentary part that is often taken out of context and misused.

    Without the Talmud no one would know what the “first month” is, what constitutes “work on the Sabbath”, how does one perform a circumcision, how are animals to be slaughtered, what is a “booth”, what are fringes, what if the slaughtering of the Passover lamb fell on a Sabbath – does slaughtering it constitute work. I could go on and on. We are commanded in Torah to choose leaders to rule on these decisions and commanded to obey those decisions. Otherwise, everyone would interpret it the way they see fit causing anarchy.

    A good example of this is in your own Bible – Acts 15. The Torah says one law for natural and foreigners alike, but is silent on the process. Do they do all the Mitzvahs immediately or gradually? A halachic decision was made to bring them in gradually.

    Now, I always find it highly ironic that Christians slam the Talmud as “the traditions of men” when their entire Bible is nothing but oral stories (tradition) passed down over the years, and in some cases decades, before finally being written down. Jesus did not write anything down, nor were any of the gospel writers eyewitnesses to the events. It was orally transmitted and finally written down years later in another language no less.

    I also find it extremely strange you slam the Talmud and Kabbalah, yet the entire Serpent Seed doctrine you espouse is only found in the texts of Gnostic, Pseudepigrapha, and the Zohar (Kabbalah). The books of Enoch, Adam and Eve, Wisdom of Soloman, Baruch, etc, all surfaced around the first century BCE at a time when Greek Mysticism crept in – the deeper secret mystical knowledge. You cannot find the serpent seed doctrine in the Tenakh so these books, all by anonymous authors, took vague passages and filled in the blanks with “secret knowledge”. This is the same with the Christian Gnostic books as well.

    How can you justify using those books yet say the Talmud and all forms of Kabbalah is evil? How do you know the meaning of the Hebrew alphabet? Where do you get your 7,000 yr human history theory? How do know when Passover is? How do you know the Jewish calendar is lunar based? You wouldn’t without these two.

  2. Sam
    Sam November 11, 2013 at 6:46 am |


    The underlying thesis of all your articles is the Jews today are not “real” Jews, but Khazar converts. Most of your resources also seem to come from the book by Koestler “The Thirteenth Tribe”. Despite the fact that Koestler himself admitted he wrote the book to curtail anti-semitism by trying to show Jews were not really a race, coupled with the fact that modern genetic and historical, as well as archaeological, research has proven his theory false, you still use him for your proof.

    It’s true some of the Khazars converted to Judaism, but it’s also true some converted to Islam and Christianity. If you are prepared to say any Khazarian convert is not a true Jew, then you have to say David’s lineage is flawed because Ruth was a convert with no blood lineage to any tribe.

    I’m sure you are aware that converts are treated like natural born descendents because the Covenant is not based on race, so why would a Khazar convert be any different?

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