“Parables Decoded” Series – Index

Parables Decoded

Bible parables are decoded and encoded messages from our Father are explained.
Learn the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven and how to decode them yourself.

Parables Decoded 0 full

0: Parables are Prophecies 

 Introduction to the series, “Parables Decoded.”
How to read the Bible and to decode Parables as prophecies.


1a: Parable of the Creation
Analysis of the account of the Creation as a prophetic Parable.
Also discusses why scientific discussions of the creation are futile.


1b: Parable of Adam and Eve
Decoding the account of Adam and Eve as a Parable,
telling the love story of the Messiah and the Bride,
and discussing the evidence of the seed of serpent.


1c: Parable of Cain and Abel
In the oven …

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