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  1. Deborah
    Deborah February 8, 2014 at 7:04 am |

    It is all about “Deception” . . . , and nothing else as you say Olivia.
    I’ve read all your e-book and it’s great….I was exited! But not for very long. I’ve been doing also my researches and yes, they led me here….
    But, I’ve to admit that as deeper I go as more deceived I feel and I feel hard to find the Truth…. Only what keeps me is believing that the Truth is a person who died for me.
    I’m starting to question myself is this all for me? Am I His bride? How can I know that I am the true Israel?
    Isn’t that we believe in what we want to believe and trying to prove it?
    Yes, I am called out from Babylon and it’s very hard to be alone…..to get out from illusions and accept the truth. Truth is sometimes unbearable. Sometimes I think maybe we are deceived and there is no God or God is Satan as it is written here http://liekillers.weebly.com/god.html
    To know all what we will have to go trough this end times make me want to die….
    And I wish I never was born.
    I feel true God (Eloah Yahuah) is so hidden that it is like a big puzzle to find Him. While I was a Christian I felt His presence and heard His voice but now I feel lost Him….and I wondering who was what I felt? Baal?
    Here is none who could answer my questions, even none whom I could talk to about this….
    I tried to get on your forum but there is so many terms I needed to agree….
    I just wanted to add to your statement about Jim Staley, I was for a while as a member of his The Re Gathering site and when I tried to put some info about Noah laws there I couldn’t ….that made me suspicious already then.

    I’ve added you to on YouTube!
    May Abba Yahuah bless you and keep you!

  2. Cynthia
    Cynthia November 24, 2013 at 9:26 am |

    (Note: I am a Christian believer in Jesus Christ – I am not Jewish). I find your articles very interesting. I left a messianic congregation earlier this year because my spirit just wasn’t justifying the moedims, Jewish practices (tzitzit, kippahs, feasts, eating clean, etc) compared to the teachings in Romans, Hebrews, and Galatians re: are we as believers still under the law. The congregation I attended taught Salvation is free and only thru grace can it be received, BUT, it is how you work out your salvation that leads us back to the Torah and obedience/continued observance to the Law (of Moses). I feel lost now. The Christian churches aren’t filling the spiritual need for meaty teaching, but the messianic congregations, even in the name of Jesus, are bringing us back to the Law,”a more excellent manner in which to work out your salvation.

  3. Homepage November 12, 2013 at 12:49 pm |

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