I am so excited to release my writing project, “Why Yeshua Hat To Die,” online, after several months of preparation and learning how this “blog” thing work. Phew! It has been quite an experience for me to learn this vast system of Web publishing, which so many people use daily like a breeze! YHVH has been having me do all kinds of new and challenging things after yanking me out of my well-established former life. But, I had never thought that being a blogger was one of them! Neither have I written a long article, like this one, or a book in my life. A few scientific papers and term papers for school work, and that was it.

Brothers and sisters, here it is . . . I am confident that I have NOT done an award-winning job, but I know I put my “all” into this project, and present to you with my sincere hope that you will hear the voice and message of YHVH in this seven-part series.


Well, speaking of the “seven-part,” I guess I need to tell you this behind the scene story:

First, I thought I just needed to start a blog, and publish short articles. But, it kept getting longer and longer, with several themes and parts. It did not take too long to finish the first draft, however; It just kept flowing out. And, I assumed I was pretty much done with 6 parts with a nice conclusion on the Bride of the Messiah. OK, I needed to refine it and publish it . .  so I thought. But, something wasn’t right . .  I felt so “incomplete” and not ready to move on. So, I waited . . . for months.

I left it on the shelf (of course, it was actually in my laptop, that is)  for a while, and after some more “intense” research on seemingly unrelated things, I asked Him, “What would you like me to do with it, Father?” And, He gave me the answer: “It must be 7.”

But, of course!!! Ahem . . . .

Obviously, it was not complete. The Bride of the Messiah part had to be Part 7: Completion.

So, as of now, as I have begun to put it online, I am still working on Part 6: Preparation of the Bride. It is the most relevant theme for us who live in this End Time, in this last hours of the 6th thousand years. The question is, how we should be living and letting Him prepare us for His Return. The “seemingly irrelevant” research He made me do was a part of preparation of this part, Part 6, again, <em>of course</em>.

It will need to be improved on-going bases, and that is what I will do. Also, I hope to incorporate suggestions and critiques by the online readers into the improved and expanded version of the series, and to publish it in a book format in the future. So, I thank you for your input in advance, and pray that through this series , YHVH will open your eyes to the truths that have been hidden to so many for so long.


May 2013,


– – –

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